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Advisor Succession

“You have helped countless clients retire.  Now it is your turn.”

Tenured advisors face a variety of issues in the twilight of their career.  Some of these include:

  • Finding the right buyer of their practice
  • Protecting their practice and clients in case of death or disability
  • Maintaining a high level of client service while slowly progressing into retirement

At Whitehouse Wealth Management, we have helped several advisors to transition their business and start their own retirement. We have experience in many types of advisor successions, practice valuations, and efficient client transfers.

In addition to advisor retirement planning, many advisors worry what would happen to their practice and clients if an unplanned event should occur, such as death or disability. We can set these advisor’s minds, and their client’s minds, at ease through succession planning and buy-sell arrangements.

Whether you are actually planning an exit or are worried about an unplanned exit, we would love to discuss your specific succession goals.  Please email or call Alex Whitehouse at  or (360) 524-7578.