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Our Process

How We Work

Our financial planning process at Whitehouse Wealth Management is unique in the sense that every step utilizes our active, tactical method of developing a plan. When using this method, we adapt to whatever environment our clients find themselves in and take action accordingly.

Most advisors use a buy-and-hold allocation strategy, which allows them a mix of stocks and bonds, but the mix never changes – it remains stagnant with the client, regardless of the state the market is in. Those advisors will simply suggest that their client remain steadfast and refuse to make any changes, and that the market will eventually rebound. While that suggestion may be true, the people nearing retirement or already retired may not have the time to wait for the market to rebound. They are suggesting that people who are nearing retirement should delay their retirement and reduce their spending in those cases.

Our team does not view this as a progressive method, and therefore, we have developed a time-tested process that allows our clients to be more flexible with their financial decisions.

Step One

We will sit down with you and begin with a wide view of your financial situation, where we will learn as much about you as possible in order to get a better understanding of where you currently are.

Step Two

Once we have a good grasp of your current financial picture, we will organize all of the necessary financial information and documents from you to deliver to our team.

Step Three

When we have all of the necessary information, our team will analyze your financial situation and develop recommendations based on what we believe will be the most beneficial to your financial plan.

Step Four

Once we have developed a solid financial plan, we will sit down with you again and present our recommendations to you as well as a timeline of your financial plan and how your financial goals will be met based on those recommendations.

Step Five

When we receive your approval for the financial plan, we will tactfully put the plan into action and implement all of our previous recommendations to make your wealth work for you.

Step Six

On an annual basis, we will meet to give you updates on how your financial plan is succeeding and answer any questions you may have. We will also adjust the plan accordingly based on any major changes that occur over the course of your life.

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